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Building relationships by being your trusted service provider you with the latest digital trend. Time to make the switch and face the digital era.

Who We Are

An established Digital Signage Solutions company in the Philippines. Founded in 2009, the company has grown to serve various industries such as hotels, restaurants, service centers, schools, malls, and other establishments and institutions.

Utilizing its advance technology and excellent services, Mediacast helps satisfy their clients’ needs as the world gets more digitally connected.

Our Works

As part of growing our network and connections. We have built a legacy with our clients by making their projects come to life. Here are some projects that we have done over the years focusing on offering the best digital signage solutions in the market despite some of the world’s easiest and toughest advertising concerns.

Our Clients

It is our duty to continue to grow with our clients. We have been a reliable service and product provider for not only some of the country’s leading firms, but also SMEs which help our clients achieve digital success. Be one of our clients and let us bring your brand to life.

Our Brands

Our incredibly diverse line of brands features the industry’s biggest provider of solutions, electronic gadgets and accessories. Each brand with their superior performance and aesthetic design has the capacity to reach digital consumers everywhere technology is present.

Latest Updates

Stay tuned and get the latest trends and updates in the digital space and open doors to a whole new dimension.

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