The world has gone digital. When you look outside you can see screens in every corner. The biggest screens you can see are the Outdoor LEDs. A lot of companies have already invested in this device, which helps them in their advertisements. But since its place outdoors, a question is still being persistently asked. What are the benefits of Using and Outdoor LED for Vehicle Advertisement? In this article we will discuss the answer to this question and show how it affects businesses.

Outdoor LED

        In our previous article we have already mentioned how LED displays boost businesses sales and are widely used across industries. This digital technology has proven its worth in doors, but this device also has another version that is capable of functioning outdoors. It can be placed outside and be placed where there is a heavy traffic of people. The Outdoor LED display is very durable and reliable. It’s the perfect solution in generating the ultimate picture in all outdoor environments for all the needs of different industries.

Vehicle Advertisement

        Digital technology has transgressed to transportation. On average an office going professional spends more than 2 hours on the road, thus vehicle advertising was optioned (Cashurdrive.com, 2020). Vehicle advertising is an efficient and economical method to advertise your brands through the use of transportation mixed with digital technology. This type of advertisement provides a wholesome media channel with virtually infinite potential. It is also a type of OOH Advertising. It’s specifically used through Bus Advertising, Railways/Metro Advertising, Airplane Advertising, etc.. This type of advertising uses vehicles, thus it has a large spectrum of target audience.

Benefits of Using an Outdoor LED for Vehicle Advertisement

        As already mentioned LED display and Vehicle Advertisement has their own respective benefits, but what if we combine both? Its benefits are also combined. First of all, it’s cost effective (Clarityeventsuk.co.uk, 2019). Instead of renting a specific place to play your ads and printing different material, you can just let people see your ads in different places while just having different ads on the LED screen. Second, it reaches a large audience. The mobility of ads is brought to a whole new level since the ads are displayed wherever the vehicle goes. Third, users can track their advertisements and have convenient targeting. Given that the LED is placed in a vehicle, users of this innovation can choose which route it will go to for their intended target market. Fourth, as said before, an LED screen captures the attention of audiences. Fifth, users can show multiple messages (Bulldogbillboards.com, 2018). The device allows users to place different ads to be played. Sixth, users create content that shows the uniqueness of their brand. Advertising can be customized through the design of the vehicle to the different displays in the LED. Finally, users can choose at what time to advertise. The users can schedule a drive by on the time of heavy traffic of people at the time of their choosing.


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