Advertising is a fast-paced industry. There are always new trends and new strategies to catch up to. As such, one must learn how to adapt in order to not get left behind by their competitors.

One of the newest trends in advertising lately is the use of digital displays for out-of-home presence. Through this, companies and brands get to talk to their market through creative ways. Moreover, they get their message across in a clear way. However, even if it has been recognized and used by many companies already, there are still some brands that are hesitant to use digital displays. Some are still uncertain because they do not see the importance of digital advertising, while others misunderstand and have grown a negative impression towards it due to many unreliable sources.

If you are curious, we have listed down some myths about digital displays that need to be debunked below.

1. “You can’t see Digital Displays in broad daylight!”

Traffic lights we see on our streets and roads are actually made of light-emitting diodes too. This means that the material used for digital displays is the same material used for traffic lights.

2. “Digital Displays are bad for the environment.”

Did you know that digital advertising has reduced the usage of paper and plastic flexes, which are traditionally needed for posters and banners? Through this effort we are able to cut down the carbon footprint of a business and, ultimately, reduce pollution and save trees? Truly, digital signage is a green technology that can help save our planet.

3. “Digital Displays are difficult to install.”

Over the years, the cost of the equipment has actually decreased because of evolving technology. It lessened the thickness and weight of the cabinets, so it is easier to install and to transport.

4. “Electricity costs for Digital Displays are expensive!”

The amount that you would end up paying for power consumption totally depends on the overall energy-efficiency of the product. Several indoor and outdoor LED manufacturers provide low-energy products that are sustainable and easy on your pocket.

5. “Digital Displays are hard to manage.”

This is another misconception when it comes to digital signage technology.
It doesn’t need an engineer to run and manage your displays and network. All you have to know are the basic internet knowledge like playing Youtube and connecting Bluetooth devices to your computer. Actually, LED suppliers even provide free training sessions on how to operate these machines.

Truly, digital displays are a fantastic tool to unleash your business’ true potential in an impactful yet cost-efficient manner. So, if you are looking to do something like this for your brand, you better invest in modern digital solutions with Mediacast Digital Group.