Interactive Kiosk



COVID 19 is all around us. It has affected everything, especially the business sector. With this sector affected, even digital signages are taking blows from the virus. In line with this, innovative solutions must be made to adapt to our changed world. Thus, this article is purposed to introduce Digital Portrait Kiosk with Automatic Hand Smart Sanitizer Dispenser.


What is Digital Portrait Kiosk?


It is a device that enables businesses to interact with their customers digitally. This line of communication can be made through a software that allows an information help desk and other functions in the device. Alongside with the interactive function, the device could also display different advertising ads. It can be used across industries and has a lot of benefits (Sakovich, 2019).

Among these benefits are the following: Ability to reach a wider audience, Reduced burden on staff, Increased customer loyalty, Customer insights, Higher revenues, No waiting in the queue, Improved user experience, Saving time, Simplified access to information, Interactive assistance.


Automatic Hand Smart Sanitizer Dispenser

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has already stated that washing of hands for 20 seconds is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. But, it has also stated that in lieu of washing of hands, hand sanitizers with 60% and above alcohol content may also prevent the spread of the virus (U.S. Food & Drug Administration, 2020).



Smart Sanitizer


The Automatic Hand Smart Sanitizer Dispenser can automatically dispense alcohol or soap. This device is used across industries especially in malls and places of business. With this technology, alcohol or soap can be allocated to customers. Thus, this device enables industries to prevent the spread of the virus.


Digital Portrait Kiosk Automatic Hand Smart Sanitizer Dispenser Uses

Innovation is the solution to the businesses affected by the virus. The Digital Portrait Kiosk is a reliable asset across industries, thus in order to prevent the spread of the virus an automatic Hand Smart Sanitizer Dispenser will be attached to the device. This solution will ensure that the Kiosk will not be a carrier of the virus. Furthermore, it keeps customers sanitized as the kiosk could be a spot to sanitize and advertise. With this innovation two birds is hit with one stone, sanitation and advertisement.



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