COVID19 is a virus that deals with physicality, so how do you attract customers or people to buy your products without physical touch? For the sake of discussion, let’s also place how you can attract customers or users with physical touch but preventing the spread of the virus? Both of these questions are the biggest problem now across industries. Luckily, Digital Technology has the capacity to do both. Digital Signages can take on COVID 19 from all directions.

Digital Signage Solutions
        The main issue that digital signages tackle is its prevention of the spread of the virus. It has already shown that Digital Signage can be used to promote healthy practices (Tradegroup.com, 2019). This device can be used to encourage health practices, spread information about the virus, provide accurate and real-time inventory updates, provide directions, and offer entertainment without physical touch. All of these benefits can be experienced by the users and customers by just looking into the screen. Furthermore, it can be used to strictly enforce social distancing regulations, increase revenue, and make working from home easier (Solutions.agneovo.com, 2020). The users of these devices are given with great independence in what they would like to display. With this said, the user can display health regulations, advertisements ads, stock market data etc.. Lastly, these digital signages can be used as an emergency messaging system and a safe interaction device (Kern, 2020). The device can be used to provide information that can be seen in a huge traffic area. It can also provide safe interaction among its users when a hand sanitizer is installed with the device.
Digital Signage power up signage
        There is really nothing more to say but, digital signages are a big help for the pandemic. It is a guaranteed investment with low loss rate since it can be used as a safety device and a revenue generating device. With this said, it just hits the bullseye. Users of this device will hit two birds with one stone. In times like this, we need to pick great investment such as digital signages.


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