2020 has ended and 2021 has come. The Digital Signages Market is still standing and looks to be promising for this coming year. A lot of people have already subscribed to this technology especially in 2020, but what is instore for this line of business in 2021? In this article we will discuss how Digital Signages will operate across the pandemic, how to pick different types of it, and how it can be differently used. There is already an undisputed fact that this type of technology is a great help across industries, the only thing left to discuss is how much it can help.

Digital Signages and COVID19 in 2021

        COVID19 has made a trend in 2020 that still continues to be prominent until 2021. Many companies have adapted to the pandemic quickly and launched different products that help combat the virus (Haynes, 2020). The biggest trend of Digital Signage technology is digital signages with hand sanitizers.

        With this said, COVID19 in 2021 will make Digital Signages Businesses to endorse products that deal with digital signages and sanitation. Generally, anything that can make a digital signage COVID19 repellant or contactless will be a big thing in 2021. The pandemic, although a bad thing has greatly increased the demand for Digital Signages.

Choosing Digital Signages

        Given that Digital Signages has already proven to be an effective tool across industries, the next issue to tackle is how to choose digital signages. In choosing a specific digital signage product, you must base it on what the industry needs and pandemic compatibility (Ferrer, 2020).

First, you must consider the location of your industry and where you want the product to be placed. Each product comes in different shapes, sizes, and flexibility to accommodate each industry’s needs and wants. Second, the trend made by the pandemic and also providing great efficiency is the function of Virtual concierge. People must also consider this function in choosing a digital signage to help their industry to be more efficient and pandemic free. Third, a buyer must consider that the digital signage can create resurgence of QR codes. Again, this a pandemic given trend and an efficiency function. The QR code takes away the physical interaction and reduces it to instant information with a simple code. Finally, a buyer must consider how he or she wants his or her information to be communicated. Each product has a different function in how to share information. The buyer must base his purchase on the industry’s needs.

Uses of Digital Signages in 2021

        In accordance to the previously mentioned statement, the use of digital signages will somehow change. It can change for the main reason of combating the pandemic and making each user more efficient (Cousins, 2020). First, the product can be used for Ultra High Bright Display.

Digital Signages can be used to spread information rapidly and creatively through its bright display that can attract more attention. Second, this technology can also be used for Automated Content Creation. The users of this technology can schedule the playing of their ads and automation of any human function. With this said, these types of products can reduce human contact and error. Third, Digital Signages can be used as Digital Product Catalogues. Given that retail is a big bulk of the businesses, retailers may opt to avail this function to lessen customers’ physical contact with their products that could lead to the spread of the virus. Furthermore, this use can create a more efficient way of delivering products to the customers. Fourth, this device can also be used as a Digital Wayfinding. A lot of facilities are very large and very confusing to navigate. Furthermore, most facilities have to implement pandemic regulations. Digital Signages has the function to become a way finder that helps users to navigate and be aware of the regulation of the facility. Lastly, the Digital Signage Technology can be used as Digital Restaurant Menu Boards. We already know that the food industry is one of the biggest businesses. With the Digital Menu Board, it can turn restaurants into a more efficient, entertaining, and safe environment.


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