Commerce has been with the people ever since they learned how to trade. In each progression of the years, people also develop different kinds of doing commerce or business. Retail is one of the most known kinds of business. The change in time also changes the landscape of retail. With this article, the researcher aims to discuss the transformation of the retail experience through digital technology.

Digital Technology

            Every electronic device that stores, generates, or processes data is Digital Technology. Currently, this is the most used technology around the world as it has shown great capacity to help humans and even be better than humans. This technology is so useful that it has also made a new learning style that is used all around the world called, Digital Learning (Education.vic.gov.au, 2019).

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There is no question that Digital Technology has affected almost every person. The biggest contribution of this technology is the Internet, which is used almost by everyone (Businesspartnermagazine.com, 2020). The Internet, Radio, and Television are used across industries and have been the biggest help to the world to communicate and connect. This technology has made the world a smaller and faster place.

Retail Experience

            As discussed in our previous articles, retail is the selling of goods to customers. With this said, the experience of retail could be seen through the manufacturer’s, retialier’s, and customer’s point of view. 

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ashikahmed/2019/04/08/the-survival-strategy-for-retail-is-experience/?sh=37689e2e4898

First, how does the manufacturer keep track of his products and deliver it to the consumer. Second, how does the retailer keep track of his goods and sell to the customers. Lastly, how does a customer buy from the retailer. 

Digital Technology Transforming the Retail Experience

Source: https://vanrijmenam.nl/4-steps-successful-digital-transformation-business/

In terms of the manufacturers of the products, Digital Technology handles all the data, without the human error, and easily connects them to retailers. Retailers also benefit from this technology as it can also handle their data and connect them to potential customers. Customers are then given easy access to the variety of choices to buy from the retailers through digital technology. Clearly, this technology has proven that it has made communications better which benefit all the stakeholders in retail. Therefore, Digital Technology has made the retail experience efficient. 


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