Modern digital displays have changed how we communicate with the masses. The evolution of both hardware and cloud-based technologies has led to the development of new digital applications. And these applications help businesses solve many challenges that the pandemic has created.

To discuss, here are some examples of how digital displays can help businesses adapt to the “New Normal.”

Modern technology helps businesses simplify tasks.

As businesses reopen, public health officials have asked companies to limit the number of customers allowed in their stores. To manage this, many have assigned dedicated employees to count customers as they come and go.

Modern technology, like the NET Q Queuing System from Mediacast Digital Group helps businesses simplify tracking waiting customers and visitors as they come and go. In fact, you can even use a nearby digital display to keep waiting customers informed about what number you are servicing. Moreover, once your store reaches maximum occupancy, an on-screen messaging can instantly be triggered to deliver custom content to those waiting to enter.

Modern technologies help flatten the curve.

Offering personal protective equipment for customers is a great way to rebuild consumer confidence. For example, Mediacast Digital Group offers Smart Sanitizers that provides a new take on modern sanitary solutions. It has a built-in mechanism that dispenses disinfectants that can protect customers from germs and viruses while letting them view various ads. More than this, it also has a touchscreen variant to engage the customers on a whole new level.

Digital displays help educate, remind, and inform.

With millions of prominent displays worldwide, digital displays continue to be the perfect channel to remind and educate the general public about the importance of social distancing and good hygiene. Since many of these displays run on cloud-based content management systems, it is easier to push updated and relevant content regardless of where you are.

If you’re like them who are looking for other efficient and effective ways to cope with the “new normal,” we highly recommend investing in modern digital solutions that Mediacast Digital Group offers.