Hate the feeling of having to write and erase multiple times every session? Oh, and not to mention the “squeal” sound the marker makes on the whiteboard? Well, we feel you! Interactive Board is a powerful visual interactive board that will put your worries at ease! But you may wonder, why should I make the switch? It’s pricey. Additionally, is it even worth investing? In this blog, I’ll be sharing different perspectives on how the interactive board makes life creative, interactive, and worth the investment.

This Interactive Board Knows No Online Learning Distance

From the Perspective of Being an Educator

Online Learning

Using an interactive whiteboard can create lessons that incorporate video, interactive diagrams, and other online content. It helps explain complex material and keep students engaged. Consequently, this is a very timely example of this is online remote learning. Suppose an educator is doing a lesson about the Philippines ‘ geography, for instance. In this case, he can show his students a map from Google Earth, a PowerPoint presentation, and multiple video clips all on one screen. As a result, this makes the lessons even better.

Interactive Board Promotes Learning

Mediacast Digital Group's Interactive Board 2

Photo from: Mediacast Digital Group Inc.

Moreover, the interactive board has special features to showcase projects that students have created using software such as PowerPoint. These projects may look more impressive on a big screen, and most students enjoy seeing their work displayed. In line with this, students can interact in various ways  including writing on them, manipulating objects in matching or sorting games, and many others. Hence, these types of interactions will surely keep them interested and more engaged during lessons.

Interactive Board on Collaboration

Educators can use the interactive whiteboard to get students to connect, collaborate, and participate in various activities. Interactive board improves the pupils’ capacity to work in groups and engage with other students. Furthermore, these activities also assist pupils in enhancing their creativity and cognitive abilities. According to a study, students enjoy handling the technology and are more eager to participate in the class.

Interactive Board Usage

The interactive board is as easy to use as A, B, C! It is clean and requires very little maintenance. Markers or other writing utensils are not needed. You’ll only be needing a technical pen or stylus for highlighting, drawing, and writing. Therefore, there is no mess. Additionally, there is no need to exert additional time as well as effort in erasing and writing.

Interactive Board Environmental Sustainability

Everyone wants to get the best out of their investments. Interactive board saves on Long-Term costs. As mentioned above, classrooms that use interactive boards eliminate the need for markers. In addition, it eliminates the unnecessary use of paper from the learning environment. This factor combines to produce far lower per-student consumable costs for most classrooms. Thus, it helps students learn effectively, while administrators do their best to maximize the return on their investment.

Technology Made Learning Better

Accordingly, technology has made class delivery and knowledge absorption much more accessible. An interactive board is a classroom device that promotes creativity and efficiency. As a result, gone are the days when students despised going to class. Nowadays, students want to participate in courses and are more eager to come to the front of the room to learn more effectively.

Proven Effectiveness of Interactive Board

According to a study conducted by Hani Morgan from the University of Southern Mississippi, “The interactive whiteboard seems to be generating a great deal of enthusiasm among educators, and for a good reason. It appears to motivate and engage students, and these are vital components of teaching and learning. In fact, another aspect of the whiteboard appreciated by students and teachers is its capacity to help teachers deliver instruction in various ways. Consequently, teachers need to remember that the whiteboard is only a tool and does not replace good teaching. Its value is dependent upon teachers who are already competent in using effective teaching strategies”. (Morgan, 2010)

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