Interactive Kiosk Misconceptions: What You Can Do About It?

We are on a fast track towards a digital world. With new technology emerging every now and then, it is undeniable that the rise of the machines will prosper. This led us to believe that in 30-50 years from now, the world we live in today will be much more unrecognizable from what we expected. The impact of inclination to digital transformation has been a hot topic for a long time now.  Businesses are quickly adapting, and time can only tell when it will shape the economy in the long run. Soon, we will witness a revolutionary change around us.

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One of the technologies that is going to be part of the future digitalization is interactive kiosk. The widespread adoption of kiosk by businesses is slowly taking over. It still has not reached a certain amount of prominence, but several market players are incorporating this as part of their business operations. Still, many are unconvinced of its inherent benefits as these are weighed down by common myths. Let us dissect these misconceptions about interactive kiosk that keeps your business from potentially growing and out what you can do about it.


Interactive Kiosk Common Misconceptions

It is too expensive

Surely, its price is a no joke but with the right software and equipment, it helps operations to run smoothly and efficiently. The deployment of interactive kiosk helps in certain activities that can save cost and return investment in the long run (Olea, 2014.)

It replaces jobs and employees

It is a common misconception that machines will take over and replace people with their jobs when in totality it only helps business run smoothly. Kiosk eliminates certain activities that still involve the help of personnel, thus diverting their service to a more customer-focused role (Writer,2018.)

It is complicated to use

Humans are creatures of habit. Having this kind of technology that is unfamiliar to end users will look like it is too complicated to use when it is nothing more than just tapping its screen and doing its functions rightly. Interactive kiosk is easy to use once equipped with the right software with simple interface.

It is vulnerable to security breaches

Technology always has its fair share of vulnerabilities to security threats. Kiosk when misused can be breached, just like any other device that uses data. However, it can be installed with software that can secure the device to function properly so failure in security is minimal (Maras, 2017.)

It is an underdeveloped technology

Interactive kiosk is not always fine and dandy. It makes things easier and efficient, but it is not perfect. There are still many things to develop but it does not mean that it has no use at all. In fact, it has many uses that it can massively impact the quality of a business.

It is totally understandable that there are hesitations in incorporating kiosks to business operations. Interactive kiosks are relatively new technology taking its humble entrance painstakingly. It is also worth noting that interactive kiosks are getting known in the market. With its seeming propitious purpose, businesses see an opportune demand for it.

What you can do about it?

As mentioned earlier, humans are product of habits and routines. Reluctance with interactive kiosk comes forth from not knowing what it should be for. There are ways you can do to eliminate these hesitations about interactive kiosk:

Clear purpose according to brand

First, the business should have a clear purpose that will properly align to its branding. Is it relevant? Does it communicate the message of the brand to the user? How does it add value to the business? These questions are to be asked to know what to expect of interactive kiosk. Its functions and benefits should be clear and be able to communicate to the end user (Savala, 2019.)

Overall kiosk design

Physical design can be used in catching the attention of the user. Kiosk can be custom-built according to the business branding. Simplicity of the user interface also plays an important role in minimizing these doubts about kiosk. Font size, text design and density also matter.

Customize messaging

Understanding the demographics of the kiosk user can be helpful in providing the quality service they need. What is the business industry it is going to be used for? What is the age, gender, and location of the user? These are some considerations to be relevant with your customer for them to maximize its uses.

Compelling content

Incorporate appealing videos or photos that are aligned with business brand and message. After all, visually compelling content can attract users and familiarize themselves with this technology.

Though fears about going digital are inevitable, digital transformation is a needed transition (Salvador, 2021.) Though fears about going digital are inevitable, digital transformation is a needed transition. (Salvador, 2021.) Interactive kiosk still has a long to go to establish itself in the industry. Certain modifications in the operations have to be established first to properly introduce this technology to people and businesses. What is needed to be done is to focus on a technology-driven future and take advantage of it while we are on our way.


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