The LED Display has a lot of uses across the industries. The demand for it is undoubtedly consistent regardless of the pandemic currently occurring. The versatility of the uses of LED displays make it responsive to the restriction given by the government to prevent the spread of the virus. With this said, the conventional ways of selling and marketing LED display may still be utilized as is. Although, an expansion of the target market could be achieved through non-conventional marketing or using of LED displays.

Uses of LED Display

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LED Display has been utilized in different fields. Anywhere you look outside, an LED display can be found. With this said, these are the following uses of LED Displays:

(Visualled.com, 2019)

  • Offices: Display quarterly KPIs, welcome new workers, inform about important news, raise the morale of workers
  • Government institutions: In the same way that an office needs to transmit its activity to its workers, public institutions, in addition to that, must do so to the population
  • Transportation: Train or bus stations, stops at street level and airports have the need to communicate with travelers at all times, this is very clear.
  • Shops: Whatever your business, the use of LED signs is not only able to advertise your company but is an ideal element to inform passers-by about special offers and highlight those products you want.
  • Streets: In addition to all of the above, the cities and towns also have the need to transmit information to their citizens, from the latest news of the municipality to communicate important announcements.
  • Broadcast Live Events:In mass events, where hundreds of thousands of people gather daily to witness a match, performance or talk, it is important to ensure perfect visibility, no matter how far a person is placed from the main stage.
  • Advertise brands and products: The applications and uses of LED displays related to advertising are the most profitable of all, without a doubt.
  • Decorate interiors and exteriors: Architects and designers will find an innovative option in architecture and interior design with LED screens.

(Federed, 2019)

  • Digital signage grabs 72 percent more attention than online ads.
  • It is a tool that every industry, be it retail, hospitality, healthcare, technology, education, sports, or corporate environments, is adopting to communicate effectively with consumers.
  • Digital signage has become a go-to marketing tool for businesses.
  • LED displays help companies to make their presence felt in the competitive world of business.
  • 90 percent of the information that our brain processes is visual information. It is no surprise that more than 60 percent of people who see a product on a digital display want to learn more about the product.
  • 40 percent of customers agree that indoor LED displays impact their buying decisions.

(Dataprojections.com, 2020)

  • Strategically placed LED billboards are an excellent method for delivering high-quality information and promotional messages to a broad range of potential consumers, who can pass by the displays in any number of locations.
  • They give a company a professional image which can make a significant impact on how the company is perceived.
  • LED displays will imprint brand awareness and name recognition on passersby.
  • The content can be changed whenever it is appropriate in an easy manner via intuitive software.
  • The use of LED billboards is a multifaceted marketing tactic that will enable a business to compete in a rapidly and aggressively changing digital world.

The use of LED displays are very versatile, undoubtedly. In the growing digital age, the demand has already been created for this tech. Its demand gets bigger and bigger as we enter the digital era.

Pandemic and New Normal

The global pandemic has set the new pace of the world called “The New Normal”. COVID19 is so contagious and hazardous to the point that it has affected the way of life of the people. Currently there are 60074,174 confirmed cases and 1,416,282 deaths brought by this virus (World Health Organization, 2020). This catastrophe has a deep effect in the everyday life of the people, that it even affected the operations of businesses around the globe. The World Health Organization (WH)) has stated

“Relaxed control measures, declining risk perception and the understandable desire to return to normalcy have led to reduced protective behaviors and more social and workplace interactions, often in confined, close-contact and crowded settings, where the virus spreads efficiently… In the short-term, governments should continue strengthening public health and health system capacity, especially the early detection of and targeted response to asymptomatic transmission among younger populations.”

In line with the WHO’s statement, it must be noted that the new normal has come to be due to the new strict rules of how business operations should be and how people should interact to prevent the spread of the virus. Although the virus has been dominating almost the whole year of 2020, a bright light seems to shine for the hope of a vaccine.

COVID Vaccines Comparison

There are currently 4 vaccines with almost complete stages of testing and will be allowed to be distributed (Gallagher, 2020). To emphasize, the vaccines are just almost complete. The people are still expected to follow strict regulations provided by the government to prevent the spread of the virus until the vaccines are complete.

Uses of LED in the Pandemic and New Normal


In the research article “Benefits of Using Digital Signages Today”, the researcher has already mentioned that the Digital Signage market is not really negatively affected by the pandemic. In fact, there is a forecast growth of its market. In line with this, the conventional uses of LED digital signages are still applicable to be able to maximize its uses in the new normal. As cited in the previous section of this article, this tech could be used across industries for private and public use. The technology is already in demand and the foreseen threat is online advertising.


Although the market forecast showed great results for the Digital Signage market, the company could still resort to non-conventional action to expand its market targets. For example, a company may opt to attract more customers or market to potential partners how good their LED display is through a collaborative project with a company or through their own efforts.

3D LED Display Building

The goal of LED display is to get the attention of customers to provide the transfer of information efficiently. With this said, this kind of publicity activity or partnership could expand its markets due to the mesmerizing effect of the displays.

Another example is to adjust to the new normal. Given that there are still T.V. programs in operation and audience impact is still a great driving force to raise the ratings, an LED audience could be provided through the LED display. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has relied heavily on its audience reactions to gain high ratings from the people watching their T.V.s at home or in any streaming channel. The application of WWE could be also applied in numerous game shows that are still live during this pandemic. The LED displays in game shows could be fully utilized as an audience attraction or a display attraction.

LED Display Wrestling


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