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Mobile LED Truck and Food Truck are both relatively new business ideas slowly introducing to the market. While we all know that these two emerging crazes are becoming more and more popular, combining both is still unconventional to many. You indeed pay a bit over the odds – from customization to the tools to be used. A startup is not going to break the bank, but it sure costs big bucks. But it is one of the many business ideas that is thriving and will continue to exist in the future. So how do you maximize the amount of investment you are going to use for this powerful combination? Let us find out.

Waffle Food Truck

Mobile LED

A mobile LED truck is one of the innovative digital signage tools where a massive LED wall is on the side of the mobile trailer, typically categorized as an OOH advertising (Wikipedia.org, n.d.). Like most of the technologies out there, it also has its advantages and limitations.

Advertisers are slowly adapting due to its uniqueness and creativity, making their brands stand out from the crowd. With its lively animations, flashy images, attention-grabbing sounds blasts on the road, ad campaigns are genuinely remarkable. However, there are minimal guidelines and law policies with mobile LED Truck for its traffic hazards.

Food Truck with Digital Display

Food Truck

A food truck is a motorized vehicle customized to prepare and sell food and beverages, categorized in the street food industry (Wikipedia.org, n.d.). Started gaining popularity in 2008 as restaurant-concept dining, the food truck business became a significant success in the small business venture.

Typically a less expensive alternative of a brick-and-mortar restaurant, some are extensions of fixed ones. The uniqueness of this business is its mobility and how it brings the food closer to its target market. Its flexibility makes it easier for owners to operate anywhere or where people gather (Mealey, 2021). There are also regulations and laws to abide by when running a food truck, such as securing a permit to park and local zoning restrictions.

Mobile LED and Food Truck: The Perfect Business Comb

The growing popularity of food trucks makes it a steadily profitable investment. With a carefully drafted business plan, strategically set location, deliciously good food, and well-designed truck, the mobile food business is sure to skyrocket your success. Leveraging the LED wall into your food truck is out-of-the-box, but it levels up the game and generates more income.

The critical importance of adding an LED wall to your food truck business is customer reach. The potential number of customers reaches maximum because first, it is mobile, and second, it is attractive. But there is more than just getting customers. Here are the following advantages of having the best of both worlds with mobile LED and food trucks:

Bigger and better digital menus with mobile LED and food truck

Do you know that you can taste through your eyes? Research says that we perceive the taste of the food when we see it first. LED Wall helps you display mouth-watering visuals of your menu to attract more customers to buy from you. It is a sure-fire way to associate good food with your business. Also, it saves you time and money on printing and managing your food items because you can update them at no extra cost.

Advertising on wheels

Nothing is better than hitting two birds with one stone by generating income on your food truck while making your business well-advertised. The mobility of the food truck built with an LED wall makes it easier for you to market your business anywhere you go. Promote, upsell and cross-sell and inform your customers on what is new with your business.

Low operational cost

Putting up a mobile LED and food truck is a bit pricey, but it sure saves operations costs. From marketing your business to fuel consumption, it does not put on much weight on monetary expenses. And because it is small, it requires a lesser workforce, maintenance, and energy consumption. It is easy to manage, which is a cost advantage on your end.

Local Events using mobile LED and food truck

Bring the festivities closer to people with food and everything good. Be a caterer while promoting your food truck stationed on the flat near the event. Or be the event manager yourself! The bright and flashy lights of the LED are perfect for garnering the attention of your customers while serving your products to them.

Investing in this kind of business has its pros and cons. Thriving in the food business industry requires going into overdrive as the competition is tight. Putting a LED wall to your food truck gives you a competitive edge to ride the wave and move ahead. After all, the food truck business is here to stay, and mobile LED can help you gain maximum exposure. Are you ready to ride the wave?


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