There is a quote that says, ‘Patience is learned through waiting’. But let us be real, we can never have that patience- at least in waiting at long queue lines. We live in a fast-paced environment. We value our time and energy much so that we despise excessively long waits. However, one way or another, we have endured this ostensibly agonizing act of waiting. It is very unlikely that we can avoid it, so companies and businesses painstakingly come up with solutions as to at least make it seem more bearable.

Waiting in line

Long queues are one thing. But waiting in line while there is a pandemic that threatens the health of the public is another. As the situation calls for it, our physical interactions are quite limited; and business and organizations need to adjust to the new normal. Social distancing has become not just a necessity, but also a trend. Business establishments are very strict at keeping the new normal in effect. But how far is it going to take us into a much safer and faster way of waiting in line?

Social Distancing

As the quarantine restrictions further easing, many businesses and establishments opt to open to perk up the economy after almost a year of lockdowns. Creative measures are being considered and implemented to maximize customer service while minimizing health risks. One of the most effective tools that revolutionized the waiting game is the Queue Management System.

What is Queue Management System?

Queue Management System is an automated system that is specifically designed to control queues of people in a certain area. It oversees the volume of customer flow and is monitored through an information displayed on a screen. (Rai, n.d.)

There is a vast array of perks that this system can provide, and it benefits both the business and the customers primarily. It is not just about waiting in line for customers and bide one’s time for queues to be shown on a screen but rather, an in-depth execution of a more cost effective and safer way of providing quality queuing system, customer management and streamlining operations.

In our current situation, everything is getting digital and automated to lessen the physical interactions. And while social distancing has helped us minimize close contact with staff and fellow customers, it does not necessarily mean that it eliminates the customer impatience when waiting in line.

By analyzing the need for it, here are further perks why businesses opt for automated queuing system during this pandemic:

1. It Makes the Business Transactions Seamless

Customers have always been the top priority of business organizations. The amount of time and patience that they are willing to wait in a fixed area, such as bank transactions and supermarket, is limited. By having an automated queuing system, it provides an organize and hassle-free operation that will minimize the customers impatience, wait time and health risks. It also saves the organization the time and opportunity by completing tasks in a faster, electronic way.

2. It Improves Employee Efficiency and Staff Awareness

Business establishments implement rules to minimize the spread of the virus by practicing social distancing and hygienic practices. Automated queues help staff to minimize the interaction between them and the customers, giving them the safety and efficiency to deal with other essential matters.

3. It Delivers a Personalized Service and No-fuss Wait Time

There is a psychology called the psychology of queueing where customers perceive that getting a personalized service like automated queueing system is tailored to their needs. Automated queues give the customers the privilege to keep them occupied while waiting, without having to feel the anxiety of skipping their turn. They also have more freedom in choosing where they can stay and better practice social distancing, as they are notified real-time. It also makes them feel at ease with the frustration of someone cutting in line, ensuring equitable waits and lesser interactions between fellow customers. (The psychology of queuing revealed in 6 simple rules, 2019).

4. It Provides Real-Time Performance and Gathers Customer Feedback

Queuing system helps the management to check and monitor the performance data on providing customer service, where they can reallocate resources or provide solution for future needs. It is also a significant tool in gaining customer feedback, substantially increasing a positive output for both the organization and its customers. It can also gather feedbacks from the customers, something that organizations nowadays need to do in order to provide a swift and safe service.

5. It Allows a More Advance yet Simple Booking System

Queues are better managed when it is technologically inclined. It is more systematic and organize while allowing multiple types of queues in a single location according to the customers’ needs, optimizing their in-store or online experience.

With digital signages, people may now find information on their own through a Digital Concierge. The function of the Digital Concierge will give less human error and provide efficiency. Digital Signage can also help engage hotel guests with the different dining options. Ultimately, different digital screens can serve many purposes for hotels from entertainment to administrative.

Queuing System Senate of the Philippines

Photo taken from the Senate of The Philippines

To simply put, Queue Management System is a win-win for both the business and the customers. While we are all unsure when will the pandemic be over, it is safe to say that getting automated in the waiting line is a much more efficient and safer way of delivering a quality service like no other. It is not rocket science on how technology has helped us in our tasks, and an electronic queueing system has proven once and for all, that business can be one-step ahead in valuing their services.

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