In a world where almost everything is already digital, what makes you look? In fact, what makes you look? Getting the attention of your customer is the key. It is the key to earn more sales, get more engagement, and provide more information. But the question still remains, “What makes them look up?”. Our digital landscape has supplied the answer to this question. With the Premiere Vesta Dual Display LED, different businesses can make their customers “Look up” and get more sales.


        Premiere Vesta Dual Display LED is the way to make customers look. It is a high-end digital technology that benefits every business it touches. The different following features will make you and your business more:

Double Sided Window Display

Back to back display! This product displays through a sunlight readable screen and ultra-resistant blackening of screen. It will make your customers look outside and inside your business.

Wireless Content Management

Content connection at its best. The connection between the device and content provided could be wireless, thus letting customers enjoy the fullest of the displays.

Window Display

Highly competitive display. Displays better than a home TV and also functions as a Window Display.

Optional Plug and Play

Adaptability is key. This technology is also adaptable to plug and play technology. You can use a memory stick to display content.

Commercial Grade Panel and Components

Shines bright like a diamond, with a Commercial Grade Panel with a life span of 70,000 hours ensure high-end display 24/7.

Built-In Speakers

Displays that can be heard! The two integrated slimline speakers also enable this device for audio functions.

Power Time

Energy conservation is a must. The power timer function allows users of this device to set the off screen times.

Integrated Ceiling Mount

Place it wherever you want. A ceiling mount is included in the device and users can install it easily.

Super Slim Design

Look at modernity. With a depth of 23mm, a stylish and modern look is made.

Ultra Resistant to Blackening

Sunlight proof. Instilled with Special Ultra-High brightness panel this device can handle 110 ˚C with no blackening defect.


        Now that each feature of the device has been explained, you can now understand how this product can be used across industries. These are some of the following industries where the products can be used, especially for its dual screen function:


Users of this product can display offered promos on the screen facing outside to attract customers, while using the screen facing inside the store to more different products.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)

Owners could use this device to simultaneously display a queuing system and offer their different services, thus reducing administrative functions while entertaining customers.


Display information for different banking services while performing administrative functions? It’s possible with the help of this device.

Real Estate

Information at the will of the user and displayed through a back to back screen. Real Estate Agents can use this device to display any information they want while promoting other services.

Public Space

Safety reminders at the back display and entertainment or advertising at the front display. This device can help public spaces to be brighter and safer.

Ad Hoc

Earn more money through allowing different companies to advertise through this product.

Environment Friendly

Dual screens say goodbye to printing materials.