Digital Landscape Kiosk is a product of the digital age. This technology shows how humans and technology can interact. With this invention, a way of entertainment, information provider, and administration assistant is produced. But given the Kiosk sometimes needs to function with physical interaction, the pandemic possesses a caution in how to use this technology safely. In this paper, we will discuss the different features of this product and how to use it in the “New Normal”.

New Normal

        The pandemic has changed the world. As the World Health Organization (2020) stated: “Wherever you are, you still need to protect yourself against #COVID19.”. With this statement, the new normal was born. Accompanying this new normal the way of life has changed with the following “New Normal” actions: face mask and gloves compliance, social distancing, lining up properly, reduced seats in public transport, washing of hands or putting alcohol on the hands is now habitual for sanitizing (Cornain, 2020). As our lives have changed to the new normal, the way we work, study and socialize is now different.

Now the “New Normal” has also given the following steps to protect your business from the virus: mandatory self-assessment of employees, isolation at home, testing, masking for everyone, social distancing (Maragakis, 2020). These necessary actions are put in place in every office and business. The reduction of transmission and contact are one of the keys to combat this virus (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, 2020). All of the aforementioned are the different ways to combat and prevent the virus, thus making the “New Normal”.

Digital Landscape Kiosk

        Digital Kiosks is one of the most popular methods of advertising and visual communications. This technology can function on its own and could be placed in high traffic areas or any place a use would like. It can also act as a computer that gives the interaction function with the user. With this function, the user can search any information that is stored in the Kiosk. It can also be customized by adding some parts that the user wants and could also be easily installed. Furthermore, it has a casing that protects it from the environment which makes it last longer. It also has the main following features:

  • Infrared & Capacitive Touch Systems
  • Design and configure touch screen functions to engage your audience.
  • Heighten the experience and deliver useful information that traditional channels can’t offer.
  • Ideal for enhancing consumer engagement while enabling them to explore your products/services at their own pace.

Digital Landscape Kiosk on New Normal

        Through the different aforementioned “New Normal” action, we can apply it in the use of the Kiosk. First, the users of the Kiosk should be mandated to wear face masks. Second, alongside wearing the facemask, the users should also be mandated to sanitize their hands before using the Kiosk. Lastly, users should properly line-up with social distancing when they want to use the Kiosk.

The Digital Landscape Kiosk lets people and technology interact. If the “New Normal” Actions are applied to the use of the Kiosk, then this technology can be used to the fullest of its functions. It can be used to inform its users from a variety of information. To add, it can also reduce costs of businesses. Given that human interaction wants to be lessened, the Kiosk can act as a lieu for administration officers. With all these said, the Kiosk is still a technology with a lot of advantages, especially in this “New Normal”.


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