The digital generation is constantly barraged with digital information. And without Digital Signage your educational institution risks getting left behind, unable to compete in the communication stakes. In the end, you face the prospect of losing touch with an evolving audience.

Educational institutions that embrace Digital Signage experiences a more modern, and stimulating environment which encourages teachers and students to maximize learning. Digital Signage will change the way in which your educational institution is perceived.

School is a place for innovation and creativity, and usually acts as an early-adopter of new technology. Replacing traditional static announcement board, dynamic digital signage solution allows schools to display instant multimedia content and manage the whole digital media network across campuses efficiently over Internet. It helps to differentiate school’s image, and utilizes advanced multimedia and network technologies to set up an internal information channel for students, teachers, staff, and visitors.

Case Studies

Rizal Technological University

Area: Mandaluyong
Product: LED Wall
Brand problem: They were using tarpaulins for their announcements and recognitions for students and alumni achievements. They hang those in the school fences making it look crowded and unpleasing in the eyes of the passers by.

How your product helped: Proposed the LED Wall to the Alumni Officers and eventually realized the possible opportunities since the school is located at the main road of Boni Ave.
Currently, they are using it for school announcements and marketing. They also partnered with a Mandaluyong govt and Advertising Company for Ad Placements.
How long has your product been mounted: December 2010