With our Digital Signages as digital menus, one has the freedom to use videos or animations that catches more attention and also makes the communication much easier to go with. Digital menus screen are clear on what they state and allow you to make efficient use of negative space. Moreover, It gives you better control over what you want to highlight on your menu which indirectly influences the choices of order of a customer.

In the past, digital signage required a lot of hardware with messy and complicated wiring. Today, the options available are neat and streamlined, without any clutter, bulky hardware setups, or droves of wiring to work around. Modern digital technology is energy efficient and, as well as reducing printing costs on menu and sign production, offers a greener alternative to businesses. By creating a personal interaction with your products via digital signage, this will, in turn, create an interaction with your brand. Digital displays and kiosks across all locations emblazoned with business branding produce an ingrained memory of your brand which, when followed up with a positive customer experience, will instill a loyalty in the customer.

Case Studies

McDonald’s Philippines

Area: 1st branch is McDonald’s Mindanao Charbel (February 2015)
Product: Cayin
Brand problem: Manual change of menu boards from breakfast menu to regular day menu. Logistics cost is quite high as all physical menus have to be printed out and sent to the different branches.

How your product helped: Cost efficient. Centralized marketing content. Less effort for McDonald’s staff to regularly rotate the lightbox menu. Centralized access from the head office which can be remotely accessed. Once head office updates the content to the CMS, it is then sent to the different cayin players in the branches to be displayed on screen.
How long has your product been mounted: Started last 2015 and is still on-going slowly expanding to their different branches. We cater to a total of 12 branches.

We all know how mcdonalds would cater to your everyday needs. 24/7. There would be a variety of menu offerings depending on the timeslot of the day.

The problem here is that McDonald’s was still using the light box and manually changing their menu from breakfast to the usual menu. Usually the breakfast menu would only last until 10:30 am, once it reaches 10:31 am, the staff would manually rotate the lightbox and change the inserts. This is a tedious job as each staff would have to do this on a daily basis and ensure that the right menu for the time slot will be up.

The solution was that Mediacast digital group introduced the Cayin display signage system which eased their way from the usual regular menu into a digital signage menu. This lessened the legwork of mcdo employees. This ensures that all menu signages will be shown on time at exactly 10:31 am.

With this McDonald’s had a whole new set up which was easier to deal with from the head office down to the main branches as they did not need to manually wait for each market to give them the materials. This is a good alternative which is cost efficient and it does not waste more on the raw materials. In terms of marketing content, it is less time consuming as all is centralized within the head office and it is just distributed.


Area: Cubao Shopwise
Product: Premiere Monitor
Brand problem: Start up business. Want to have an innovative way to present their menu.

How your product helped: Menu board has become digitized and the usual regular menu board using a lightbox. Refranchising of our products to their 2nd branch.
How long has your product been mounted: January 2020

  • Sha-wraps was one of the SMEs that Mediacast collaborated with. Sha-wraps was a start up business but they wanted to open a restaurant branch in Cubao. Prior to their grand opening. Sha-wraps has contacted the Mediacast Digital Group and asked what we could improve on their end.
  • Mediacast has suggested creating a more innovative way to present their menu board aside from the traditional menu board. The product is called Premiere.
  • This way, the menu will be pleasing to the eyes of the customer and it will bring a better ambiance to their customers. Sha-wraps did not just look like the typical restaurant that is a start up because it showed that they took time and that the way the whole restaurant was presented outside and inside brought variety and it looked classy.