New and emerging technologies are changing the way customers interact with their favourite brands and stores. With new trends such as Digital Marketing, and automation and a desire for experiences, companies have the opportunity to leverage these trends and set themselves apart from competitors.

Retailers, at the end of the supply chain, have a significant influence on customers’ decisions and satisfaction. Therefore, marketers consider retailing to be important in the overall distribution and advertising strategy. Shop owners also emphasize the importance of an effective and time-to-market promotion at the point of purchase.

Digital signage products fulfill retailers’ needs by offering a flexible and easy-to-use platform to convey targeted advertisements and updated information. Not only that but it ensures that what is advertised is always pleasing to the eyes of the consumers.

Case Studies

Essilor Philippines Optical Shop

Area: Cainta, Sta Lucia Mall
Product: Videowall
Brand problem: They were only using standees before which limits what material they can advertise from time to time. Since it is inside the mall, they only have limited space for displays. Space was not maximized especially inside the shop and within their vicinity. Not much consumer impact.

How your product helped: Mediacast introduced the video wall. With the video wall, they were able to make more innovative creative ideas come to life and were able to capture the attention of most shop goers. The contents that they could advertise were limitless as they did not need to have everything printed. All displays were made digitally and were projected in the video wall. For the functions of the video wall, they can upload multiple video displays of their products and not just focus one one. And since it is a Video display type of advertisement, it catches more attention of mall shoppers than static displays. Because of its illuminating and creative features. It captures the attention of consumers because it is also pleasing in the eye. They were able to maximize the space in their store area without creating materials that could disrupt the layout of the interior of the shop.
How long has your product been mounted: December 2019


Area: BGC Flagship Store
Product: Indoor Led Wall
Brand problem: Havaianas wanted to stand out amongst their competitors. As this branch is the biggest one, they wanted to have an edge and attract more customers.

How your product helped: Mediacast Digital introduced the Indoor Led Wall for Havaianas to use inside the store. After mounting the led wall, Havaianas noticed the great impact on the foot traffic as it helps increase the number of customer walk-ins during the day. They noticed that mere passerbys become their potential customers since they were attracted based on the display from the outside of the shop. The purpose also of this is to have an innovative and creating way to advertise their products. Such as where the certain pair of slippers has been made has been.
How long has your product been mounted: May 2019

PC Canlas Builders

Area: Makati
Product: Stretched Monitors
Brand problem: Traditional way of placing information about the products and price list. The usual grocery way. Products do not stand out within the vicinity of the grocery.

How your product helped: The purpose of reaching out to us was because the client wanted to upgrade their regular grocery shelves and give it a more trendier and innovative way to make the product known within the vicinity of the grocery. Having the ultra stretched monitors attached on the shelves boosted the physical appearance of their area and that it attracted potential consumers as the monitors brought a certain classy vibe to it. With this device, the client is allowed to create contents and change it from time to time and upload product videos and TVCs depending on whether they seem to be fit during the time frame.
How long has your product been mounted: December 2019

SMART Retail Shop

Area: All Branches
Product: Cayin
Brand problem: Still using usb flash drive player. Manual downloading of contents and playback. Display contents are controlled manually via remote. Not on loop. Every once in a while, the management would need to ask someone to download the files (new or updated) and manually input it again on the monitor for it to be displayed.

How your product helped: Mediacast introduced a seamless way on how they can remotely access all the contents and lessen the exertion of efforts in changing contents. By having Cayin, the perks are endless. It is centrally controlled and managed by the head office and all new and updated contents are directly sent to the different cayin servers per branch. This lessened the effort exerted by man power per store to manually download all contents and stop the display by removing the usb flash drive again and again.