With the current COVID-19 situation, countless mall owners, businesses, and companies have been finding ways to survive and keep their businesses up and running. To entice customers, they have installed sanitizer dispenser machines, thermal scanners, and provided thermometer guns to their security personnel to help cope with the new normal. However, these machines proved inefficient since they started long lines and slow queues, which is ironic since this practice does not promote social distancing.

To solve this, Mediacast Digital Group offers an innovative O.W.L. Scanner with non-invasive screening and quick temperature detection leaders, so they can say streamline the queuing process while still being able to get the required data from customers. With its portable size and built-in 60o wide-angle detection, people of all heights and sizes can easily be screened.

Now, if you’re like them who is looking for other efficient and effective ways to cope with the “new normal,” we highly recommend investing in modern digital solutions that Mediacast Digital Group offers.