The pandemic has changed our lives. But did it also change how we use our technology? In this article the technology of touchscreens is being questioned of its use during this pandemic. With the data gathered, the researcher aims to shed the light to answer the question.

Covid 19

        There is no disputing the fact that COVID 19 has affected everyone’s lives. Due to this, pandemic sanitary regulations are made stricter than normal. “The New Normal” mainly involves physical contactless transactions and purifying of hands.

From our daily practices in life to our use of technology, everything has changed. Now, we must learn to adjust to avoid getting infected by this pandemic.

Touchscreen Technology

        Touchscreen technology has touched every person’s life. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, automobiles, gaming consoles, printers, elevators, industries, ATMs, shopping malls, ticket vending machines are the examples of touchscreen technology that is used in every people’s lives (Electronicshub.org, 2019). The increase demand for user-friendly Graphical User Interface has contributed to the rise of demand for this type of technology. Basically, touchscreen is an input device in an electronic system. A touch screen device can include an electronic display or does not have an electronic display. More importantly, this type of technology could be divided based on their dimensions. A single point of contact is a one dimensional touchscreen, like a button. A touchscreen you can touch, drag, write swipe, pinch etc. provides two dimensional input devices. Finally, there is a three-dimensional user interface, where hand gestures in free space act as input.

“Touch screen technology is the direct manipulation type of gesture-based technology” (Elprocus.com, 2020). This manipulation is the capability to modify the digital world inside a screen. This technology is an electronic visual display capable of detecting and locating a touch over its display area. The system of this technology has a hardware and a software. The hardware is made of a stand-alone embedded system using an 8-bit microcontroller, several types of interface, and driver circuits. The system software driver is developed using a programming language.

Covid 19 on Touchscreen Technology

        As mentioned before the new normal requires a physical contactless or sanitizing. A touchscreen has a function of gesture control which can be used for contactless interaction. But in the case of those other touchscreens that do not have a gesture function, then sanitizing is the way to go. A sanitizing kiosk can be stationed beside the touchscreens. Sanitation of hands must be required before and after use of the device. Another option is to station a person to sanitize the device. Be it as it may, touchscreens are already a big part of our lives. It cannot be decommissioned and it will continue to be of use with the proper new normal adjustments.


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