Digital display can now be seen almost everywhere around the world. One of the most famous examples is T.V. Television or T.V. has been part of the Digital display technology for a long time now. With this said, tv’s are already used across industries for different functions. In this article we shall discuss the difference between hotel television and commercial television.

Hotel Television

Hotel Television

Hotel televisions are built for hospitality (Business.sparklight.com, 2021). These TVs specializes in hospitality which encompasses entertainment, interactive services, and business services. Most of these TVs are built based on the customer’s needs and are subscribed to a cable. Hotels mostly choose between Satellite TV or Cable TV. But, most hotels choose Pro:Idiom TV services because of the high level inscription it gives which allows hotels to secure the contents shown and efficiently provide content. Hotels choose these specialized hotel TV for the following reasons: Centralized content management, Warranty and services, Security and control features, Cost-saving technology, Personalized Viewing, Easy Content Management (Samsung.com, 2021). All in all, this TV makes its user feel at home.

Commercial Television

Commercial Television

Commercial televisions are made for business (Versatech.com.ph, 2020). This type of television is built for business environments to serve as a silent display screen in stores, a digital menu board, a touch-display system, or as a TV in a hotel lobby. Truly, the possibilities are endless with commercial TVs. It really depends on the user to specify its function and use. Commercial display screens often feature more robust housing than domestic televisions. This device is really built to have a great communication line with both customers and users. They are installed in high traffic areas, so the materials of this device are harder than TV used at home. It also comes in a range of shapes and sizes to suit the various placement opportunities in retail and business environments. Commercial televisions offer on-site warranty, cost more, and have greater durability (Bollinger, 2018). Yes, it costs more, but it has better warranty, higher return of investment and can be a source of income through ads and is more durable.

Hotel TV vs Commercial TV

The difference between a Hotel TV and Commercial TV is its function and use. As mentioned earlier, Hotel TVs are for hospitality and Commercial TVs are for business. If you want a TV in your living room or hotel rooms, then a Hotel TV is for you as it offers different functions that are suited for feeling at home. On the other hand, if you want a TV for business, you must avail commercial TVs as they have functions that are suited for interacting and attracting customers. It also has functions that connect business users. It can also be said that both TVs can be availed by business, especially hotels. Hotels can use Hotel TVs for their rooms and Commercial TVs for their lobby and gaming areas. All the aforementioned are relevant, but the greatest take away here is that both TVs are a great investment.


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